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Our optometrists here at St. Johns Eye Associates at Nocatee specialize in creating prescription glasses in St. Johns, FL, for our patients. The quality of the work we perform is why so many people from throughout the area specifically come to our practice to buy their new lenses and frames. When you visit us, you find an accommodating team that’s eager to help you improve your vision without any delay. We value vision and believe in doing everything we can to provide sight for sore eyes.

Is it time to buy new glasses for yourself or a family member? Is your vision noticeably blurry or not what it used to be? Then stop by our location to speak to our prescription glasses doctors. We are ready to set you up with the eye exam you need to find out the condition of your eyesight while also providing you with an up-to-date prescription for your lenses. Of course, you have the option to pick out new frames as well to try out a different look. Best of all, our glasses are ready to pick up within just one hour, which means you won't have any delay in improving your eyesight.

Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses in St. Johns, FL

Perfect Clarity with Eyeglass Lens Prescription

Needing to wear glasses isn't the burden it used to be thanks to updated designs and technology. Nowadays, eyewear can actually be both a fashion statement and an important tool in helping you see clearly and stay safe. This is especially true when you buy your glasses from us, as we make every effort to have the hottest styles. Just stop by our shop and schedule an appointment with our prescription glasses doctor for an eye exam. We take this opportunity to get a better understanding of your vision so that we can find the solutions to help you with your vision problems.

After the exam is finished, you can look around our impressive showroom to find the right frames to fit your face. Then, our friendly and compassionate team of eye care specialists will get to work crafting the perfect pair of prescription lenses for your needs. Whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or both, we create the lenses that will let you see clearly.

Get Your Glasses in Only an Hour

Think it’s a time-consuming endeavor to be able to see clearly again? We can assure you that’s not the case. Our process is designed to be easy, convenient, and quick. When you come to our prescription glasses shop, you can expect to get your finished pair back in as little as one hour. This quick turnaround means you don't have to go any longer than necessary without the vision-clarifying benefits of your brand-new glasses.

That’s important, because poor vision can cause other problems, like headaches, and could put you in danger if you need to drive or cross a busy street. Your safety comes first every time at St. Johns Eye Associates. We get your glasses ready fast so you can go home without any fear of not being able to see where you’re going or who may be around you. There are even prescription glasses available with scratch protection and other options that create greater durability for the assurance of a long-term investment.

Why Wear Glasses? 

Those with vision problems may have several choices available to them, such as contacts or even corrective surgery in some cases. However, glasses are arguably the easiest. There’s no need for you to touch your eyes, they don’t need cleaning to the extent that contacts do, and they’re not as easy to lose. As the professionals at our prescription glasses store will tell you, glasses are low-maintenance and a lot of fun. They can add to your fashion flare, coordinate with an outfit, and might even make you appear more intelligent.

Glasses can also be a good backup for contact wearers. Because they don’t present a risk of infection and are easier to keep up with, you’ll find they’re handy to have if you ever run into problems with your contacts. We have options for all ages and genders, with materials like plastic, titanium, and others.

Obtaining Eyeglass Lens Prescriptions 

We encourage you to check with your insurance provider and find out if prescription eyewear and eye exams are covered. Doing so may save you money. Our Board-Certified doctors and their staff can answer your questions about pricing and discounts, and we even offer same-day appointments with state-of-the-art optical technology. You and your family are always well taken care of when you get your eyes checked at our practice.

Contact us for an appointment to get your eyes checked or look for some new eyewear. We serve the patients of St. Johns, St. Augustine, Julington Creek, World Golf Village, and Bartram Park, Florida, and the nearby communities.