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Eye Disease in St. Johns, FL

Your eyes are capable of getting sick—just like any other part of your body. There is an added urgency to dealing with eye disease in St. Johns, FL, however, in that when your eyes are sick, it can end up meaning the loss of one of your most important senses. When you notice any eye issues, it is important for you to quickly have them addressed by our optometrist. We perform the eye disease tests and exams necessary to get to the bottom of your eye issues and start performing the proper treatments.

Our eye care clinic has an eye disease doctor that is ready to determine the health of your eyes with a comprehensive eye disease exam and test services. With these exams and tests, we are able to diagnose your health issue and begin the process of treating you with the utmost care. The speedy response of our team helps you to reclaim your eyesight faster so you can avoid the potential problems that can build up to temporary or permanent blindness or ill health.

Patient Having Eye Checkup in St. Johns, FL

Informing Our Patients about Eye Disease

Your eyes are one of the major gateways of your body. That means with our eye disease tests and examinations, we are able to not only learn more about your optical health, but also about other chronic illnesses or issues that you might be experiencing, including hypertension and diabetes. That means a regular checkup with our eye disease doctor is an important part of your regular health checkup routine.

The moment you begin to notice issues with your eyesight, it is imperative that you schedule an appointment with us. The quicker we are able to look at you, the better the chances are that you will fully recover. Our optometrist is ready, willing, and able to perform a comprehensive eye disease test to find out about any potential health issues that are causing your problems. Once these issues have been found, our eye care professionals can then begin providing you with the treatments necessary to help you eliminate the problem or get it under control.

Preventing Blindness and Vision Loss

Losing any of your senses can cause a dramatic change in your life. That is why you must not delay in getting your eyes checked when you believe you are having vision problems. Our eye disease doctor is able to test your eyes to make sure they are healthy or to make sure they are on the path towards healing if there is an issue with them.

There are several conditions that can result in vision loss or eye disease including diabetes, hypertension, sarcoidosis, Lyme disease, and various types of cancer. In addition, there are many types of eye diseases that develop due to age. These diseases include glaucoma, cataracts, dry eyes, and macular degeneration. Whether you’ve never experienced serious health problems or you have a chronic health problem, it’s important to get regular eye disease exams to ensure that there are no early symptoms of eye disease.

It’s possible to prevent many types of eye diseases by monitoring your general health and staying on top of treatment for any chronic conditions you have. Hypertension and diabetes can lead to serious vision problems like glaucoma, cataracts, and retinopathy – all of which can lead to blindness. By seeing your doctors regularly and scheduling annual eye disease tests with our clinic, you can reduce your risk of developing these serious problems. Whether you suspect you have an eye disease or it’s simply time for your annual checkup, reach out to our eye disease doctor to schedule an appointment with our team.

Contact us when you are looking to protect yourself from eye disease. Our eye disease test and exam is available to patients located throughout the communities of St. Johns, St. Augustine, Julington Creek, World Golf Village, and Bartram Park, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas.