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Are you looking for a more flexible, comfortable way to improve your vision? Then you might be interested in purchasing contact lenses in St. Johns, FL, from St. Johns Eye Associates. The contact lens doctor at our clinic wants to help people with their vision in a variety of different ways. That means our lens service utilizes the same great quality as our prescription glasses service. When you are in need of prescription lenses that are created efficiently and effectively, you want to come and speak to the professionals at our contact lenses store.

Interested in learning more about how contact lenses work? Well, we are here to teach you. Contacts sit directly on your eye instead of outside of it like glasses. That means when you wear your contacts you are able to enjoy an unobstructed peripheral vision without having to wear glasses. If you are someone that participates in outdoor activities or sports, then you can already understand why contact lenses are a benefit for you.

The Advantages of Contact Lenses

Traditional eyeglasses are a good fit for many people, but, for some individuals, contact lenses provide the best possible option for their vision needs. Each prescription contact we sell is customized to conform to the curvature of the patient's eye. This helps to reduce vision distortions and obstructions. Furthermore, your contact lenses aren't going to be affected by weather conditions, will never clash with what you are wearing, and won't fall off when you are exercising.

However, to ensure the prolonged health of your eyes, it is important that you utilize the proper care and technique when wearing contact lenses. Our optometrist is happy to discuss our contract lens service with you during the beginning of the exam process to help you decide if they are the right option for you. Our team happily provides our patients with all of the information they need to figure out if they should wear contacts instead of eyeglasses as well as how to properly care for their contacts if they choose to use them.

Contact Lenses in St. Johns, FL

No Delay on Contact Lenses

You are getting your contact lenses so you can see better, right? So why would you want to go to a contact lenses store that makes you wait an unnecessarily long amount of time before delivering you your finalized contacts? The team at our optometry center works hard to ensure you get your brand-new prescription contact lenses as quickly as possible—usually the very same day you visit us.

Contact us to improve your vision with stylish and comfortable contact lenses. Our contact lens doctor is ready to work with patients located throughout the communities of St. Johns, St. Augustine, Julington Creek, World Golf Village, and Bartram Park, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas.